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DNA technology

Ever since the word “Genetics” was first articulated by the British biologist William Bateson in 1905, words such as genotype started surfacing just a few years later. This has led to an exciting journey into a whole new world of understanding how we can treat diseases and help develop healthier lives.

Only a few decades later in 1953, scientists James Watson and Francis Crick managed to determine the now-famous double-helix structure of DNA. Using the science available today, we are now able to produce outcomes by targeting the specific genes responsible.

The Human Genome project

About two decades ago, scientists began the Human Genome Project with a view to determining the entire sequence of human DNA, our genetic blueprint. The turn of the century marked its completion and the beginning of an exciting new era in human health.

It has been found that the entire human genetic blueprint comprises just over three billion nucleotides, the building blocks of DNA, that are now thought to include about 25-30,000 genes.

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Evolution of microDNA-therapy (Homeovitality®)

Interestingly, two remarkable new properties of DNA have recently been discovered. They provide possible clues to the mechanisms that underpin the workings of Homeovitality and New Homeopathy.

Prof. Kornyshev and his colleagues recently discovered that DNA molecules are able to communicate with each other through sequence identity, suggesting that DNA molecules have some way of emitting signals that can be recognized by other DNA molecules with the same sequence. Prof. Montagnier and his fellow scientists have actually discovered that highly diluted DNA molecules have the capacity to emit electromagnetic signals, especially when they have been mechanically agitated.

Hybrid Vigour

Hybrid vigour is the highest possible level of health and disease resistance that can be achieved naturally. It is nature’s very own form of “super-health”, developed naturally over millions of years.

It is only now though that scientists are beginning to discover that hybrid vigour has also had a major influence on the advancement of health and well-being in humans. For example, the dramatic improvement in IQ, extension of a healthy lifespan and the general lowering of blood pressure and cholesterol levels in recent times have been attributed to hybrid vigour.